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Our 1on1 Rehabilitation Programme looks at the entire story not just your shoulder pain.

My promise to you!

Our 1-1 Rehabilitation coaching offers you a completely personalised and structured online coaching service based on your movement patterns and goals. It is perfect for anyone looking to recover from an injury, not make an injury worse, or just want a more structured and focused training to follow and for those who want to stop using your aches and pains control your progress or dictate what you can’t do.

Your programme is offered through an interactive online service, weekly movement feedback to get the most out of your plans, an exercise library and the weekly check in’s for accountability with your Osteopath & coach, Jess.

James’s Success Story

“I first turned to (Jessica/Unity Wellness Clinic) to try and improve my squat because I have had problems with my hips since being crushed as a child, my knees are worn and have been operated on due to 20+ years in the Army and I was hoping for any small improvement to help me get back into the gym after a long absence and to improve my performance in any way possible.

Both Jessica and Kristen were extremely professional in their approach to all aspects of my treatment, I had a personalized training plan to follow, instructions and videos for any new exercises I was unsure of, a weekly check in to assess my progress and even watts app questions at random times would be answered to help me achieve my goals. The staff are some of the most positive thinking people I have worked with and have a genuine enthusiasm to see you succeed. The knowledge they possess is second to none and there has not been a situation yet where they haven’t been able to give an answer.

When I started there I didn’t make it easy for them as they had to iron out all the bad habits I had picked up through my life, we spent the first few weeks just improving my basic positioning during exercises to enable my body to work in the manner it was supposed not the way I had been making it work. I also had specific exercises to strengthen and improve my hip and knee mobility, using muscles I had not used previously that needed strengthening. So far with their help and some hard work in the gym I have seen nothing but improvements to my form and strength, I could not recommend them highly enough as experts in their field.”

Michael’s Success Story

I’m no weightlifter but after being in a weight training and strength program with Jess since the start of lockdown I have totally changed the way I look at lifting. 

She’s given me a rock-solid plan to follow adjusted to the times and kit I have available. Weekly one to ones and she’s always available, it’s all-inclusive.  

Not injuring myself once during the program and now knowing how to attack a lift this has given me not only PR’s but has flowed through so I can now work on strict hand stand push ups and my cardiovascular work hasn’t suffered. 

I’m more confident and competent on bigger lifts,that’s a massive game changer that will stay with me for a long time. 

I cannot recommend this young lady enough and will always be grateful!”

What makes us different?

This is different to most online coaching packages you’ll see online. It is structured to you, your body, your story. Jess will target the reason why you have been in pain, why you have plateaued and what you want your outcome to be. 

Your programme and support from Jess will get you stronger and enable you to stop using your pains to dictate your daily life.

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