Jessica Roberts

Clinic Owner, Osteopath, Sports Massage Therapist

Hi I’m Jessica!

I am an Osteopath and Personal Trainer with a background in bio-mechanics, strength & conditioning and exercise rehabilitation. 

I adopt a holistic view of the body, I believe that all systems are interrelated and therefore we must go beyond the presenting symptom of pain if we are to create lasting change.

Through a thorough screening process, I am able to identify and troubleshoot the root cause of your pain or dysfunction and create a tailored management plan that incorporates movement, nutrition & recovery protocols in addition to Osteopathic treatment. 

Teaching and education is a big part of my coaching philosophy. My goal is to remove the guesswork and empower you with the skills and knowledge required to optimise your health and performance long term.

I want to graduate each and every one of you so that you learn how to function at your full potential long term and understand exactly what best suits you in regards to movement, nutrition and recovery. My aim is to educate you, teaching you to help yourself to feel better, move better and ultimately live happier.

I help people LIVE a life of freedom without pain, with an unstoppable mindset and stronger bodies both inside and out.

Kirsten O’Connell

Sports Massage Therapist, Student Osteopath

I trained to become a Sports Massage Therapist because I want to help people be their best selves.

I have not come from a background of Health & Fitness but found my passion for it and made a career change 6 years ago. I trained as a Personal Trainer because I felt that I could help people achieve their fitness goals but I knew there was more that I could do. Last year I began studying as an Osteopath as I felt I could help people not only achieve their fitness goals but also feel empowered to live full healthy lives and that is the same reason I trained as a Massage Therapist.  

I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals.

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