We are always looking for ways to do our best to protect our favourite places and our incredible planet.

The opportunity to explore new destinations, swim or surf the oceans and sit in awe in the most beautiful places across the world should be something we are all truly grateful for.

We want to play our part in giving back.

Our partnership with JUST ONE TREE means that for every programme or subscription we sell, we donate enough to plant at least two trees.

Just One Tree is a non-profit initiative removing CO2 from the atmosphere through global reforestation. To prevent the worst impacts of climate change it is vital we dramatically restrict our carbon emissions, ultimately removing and storing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than we are putting into it.

Currently, the best “technology” we have to achieve this is TREES.

Just One Tree currently has projects in Madagascar, Mozambique, Indonesia, Haiti, Kenya and Nepal. Not only is the organisation working on reducing CO2 emissions, it also helps lift communities out of extreme poverty through training, agricultural education, and the provision of sustainable income.

As a partner, we are able to choose where our trees will be planted, and although Indonesia has a special place in our hearts, we would love to contribute to the plantation of trees across all possible locations – how awesome will that be?

What else are we doing?

With the rising use of single use products within the clinical environment this is something we take very seriously. What we personally do:

  • Avoid unnecessary travel
  • Use cleaning products that are chemical free and have a reduced carbon footprint
  • Use reusable products where possible
  • Use paperless system at our clinic
  • Using recycled and non toxic products for cleaning materials and advertising purposes

Have you looked at the ways you can be living more sustainably?


Together, let’s restore it.