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Say “goodbye” to pain and “hello” to confidence.

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Rehabilitation – 1:1 Coaching

A personalised programme focussed on rehabilitating your old injuries, improving your movement patterns and providing you the tools to help manage your symptoms and maintain a strong foundation for life.


Guided and recorded classes in the comfort of your own home so you can continue to get stronger without the pressure of remembering what and how to do exercises.

Tropic Skincare

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Kind words from our past patients:

Jess knows her stuff & has really helped me work on my issues stemming from hypermobility. Would highly recommend her!

— Deb, suffers with hypermobility

Jess has created something special with Unity. Its amazing having someone so knowledgeable and hard working in the gym. I have been struggling with some knee and shoulder issues recently and a few weekly session later Im back to doing pain free pistols and strict handstand push ups. Something that hasn’t happened in a long time. Would recommend to anyone who needs fixing or is taking their training and rehab/prehab seriously!

— Jan, CrossFit Gym owner