What is Sports Massage/
Manual Therapy?

This type of hands-on treatment is used to improve recovery, release tension, and improve your mobility. Despite the name, this is not just for the “sporty”. This method of treatment can really help anyone, whether you are a parent feeling the niggles of holding a wiggly child, sat at a desk all day, dealing with the aches and pains from a manual job, or a competitive athlete.

This therapy targets the muscles and trigger points of tension caused by everyday activity and can help manage your day to day struggles. This is a very popular use of techniques to supplement your sport to aid in your recovery. It also helps to reduce the impact of daily activities causing muscle tension including sitting for long periods and sustaining a poor posture for long periods of time. This can cause tightness and weakness in muscle tissue resulting in pain and restriction which this type of treatment can really help reduce. 

We will treat the cause of your pain to prevent re-injury, we always aim to achieve a return to full function as soon as we can.

How we can help you

When attending a sports massage appointment it may include direct deep tissue massage to areas, trigger point therapy, positional stretches, and muscle activation. 

We treat the cause of your pain to desensitise the area, reduce your pain, improve your movement and mobility, while ultimately preventing re-injury. We aim to achieve a return to your full function as soon as possible. We don’t believe in bed rest, we want you moving ASAP!

This treatment may also improve blood flow, lymphatic draining and boost your immune system. We can help teach you and your body to increase range of movement and your strength, while speeding up your recovery from injury or pain.

Initial Appointment
  • For up to 45 Mins.
Follow-up Appointment
  • Please contact us for more information

Your go-to solution to release the pain in your leg or arm when driving

Our Success


Since we opened in 2017 we’ve treated over 100 patience feeling good about their body.


Guarantee to have our patients feeling satisfied, heard, seen, and taken care of when visiting our clinics.


Year on year we have consistently produced the results you are looking for for 5 consecutive years.

What other patients say

I’ve been treated by Jess and Kristen now for different issues (rotator cuff and sciatic nerve) and both ladies are brilliant. Both are incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and professional from start to finish. I came away feeling better and with a list of exercises to continue my rehabilitation. All Covid safe too. Give them a look for any aches & pains.

― Dave

I went to see Kristen with terrible back pain, every muscle in my body was just over worked and tight! She really listened to everything I had to say and I walked out feeling so much better! Since then I have been able to resume normal training! Would 100% recommend seeing Kristen she’s great! 😁👏🏼

― Abby

So what are you waiting for?

For every visit, we will assess your health history to make sure we treat the cause of your pain to prevent re-injury.