Some FAQ about what we offer.

How do I book?

We have online booking available here. Ensure you get a confirmation message to ensure your appointment has been booked successfully if there are any problems please contact us directly via our contact form, e-mail or Facebook page.


Your initial consult will consist of a discussion about you, your medical history and what is bothering you. We will discuss any pain or discomfort, facts which affect that as well as any previous problems and other current medical issues. 
We will then examine you to look for movement dysfunction and to investigate areas of pain. Examination may involve asking you to do a series if movements, as well as hands on palpation.
Finally, if appropriate, there will be treatment which may comprise of soft tissue massage, articulation of joints, manipulation of joints, deep tissue massage, or taping  – each step of treatment will be explained beforehand and you do not have to do anything that you feel uncomfortable with.


Loose fitting clothing that allows you to move is a must. Depending on the area to be treated I may ask you to undress. Wearing shorts and a t-shirt or a strappy top is helpful! There will be time for you to change during your appointment. 
Also if you do not wish to undress it is not a problem! We can work round clothes!

Do appointments hurt?

You may feel some discomfort during any appointment, however they should not be any more painful than you are already experiencing. Your therapist will be in constant communication with you to treat within your limitations. If you are ever concerned you must speak with your therapist, they are there to help and support you.

Can I claim on insurance?


Please note that you must check with your insurance company to check that your treatment costs can be claimed back, this is dependent on your individual insurance policy and not something we can advise you on. Currently at Unity Wellness Clinic we do not deal directly with insurance companies at all, but we are happy to supply you with an invoice after you have made payment for your session, for you to try to claim your costs back.

What if I need to cancel?

Cancellation Policy

Please note that same day amendments/cancellations to an appointment incur a cancellation fee (50% of the cost of your treatment). Up until 24 hours before your appointment, you can use a link within your confirmation email to cancel or amend your appointment online.

“I would 100% recommend Jess as when I first started seeing her my shoulder was in a bad place to the extent that a surgeon has suggested cutting me open to have a look which I thought was my only option.

I have been seeing Jess for a few months now and my shoulder hasn’t felt this good in years and I put it down to Jess’ willingness to listen to what I’m telling her and her knowledge of the training we do.

100% recommend!.”


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