We aspire to create a positive change in the world, where we all learn to lead a healthy & pain free lifestyle so that you can enjoy life with greater longevity with a good quality of life. 

Our team work to deliver services including osteopathy and massage as well as rehabilitation coaching, strengthening & fitness training and small tailored exercise classes both online and in our Colchester base inside the CrossFit Box, Iceni Training. 

Our focus is to deliver preventative treatment and active recovery to help your body keep up with your life. Whatever your age, motivation, health condition or goal we help you find lifestyle habits and treatments that can positively change your health and well-being.

Our aim is to understand you, listen to your story and teach you how you and your body react to the decisions you make about your health and how ultimately, you can control them.

Unity Wellness provides an exclusive space and sanctuary from today’s busy world. Learn to breathe, stretch, balance, improve muscle strength, reduce stress, manage your sleep and prevent your pain via improving habits and treatments that fit seamlessly into your life.

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Sports Massage/Manual Therapy

Various techniques are used to treat a variety of concerns, techniques may include trigger point therapy, differing massage strokes, positional stretches, and movement exercises.


Osteopathy is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on the relationship between the Neuro – Musculo- Skeletal system.

1-1 Coaching

Osteopathy is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on the relationship between the Neuro – Musculo- Skeletal system.


Jess has been invaluable in keeping me in one piece for the past year or so.  I push my body quite hard through martial arts training and obstacle course racing and she not only provides excellent corrective therapy but also gives sound advice and effective “homework” for prevention – which I now incorporate into my stretching and training programmes.

— Dan

I first got to know Jess when I was competing for my Bodybuilding show in 2017. The training was so intense my body was in pieces. Jess worked with me weekly and made sure I was injury free and on my two feet, training full out! Now I’m in a lifestyle that naturally has me sat down a lot at an office desk and driving, she’s making sure I’m flexible, increasing my mobility and improving my posture! Thank you Jess

— Tom

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When I first started seeing her my shoulder was in a bad place to the extent that a surgeon had suggested cutting me open to have a look which I thought was my only option.

I have been seeing Jess for a few months now and my shoulder hasn’t felt this good in years and I put it down to Jess’ willingness to listen to what I’m telling her and her knowledge of the training we do. 100% recommended!