Our Philosophy

The circle of our logo is called ensō. Which symbolizes enlightenment, strengths, and the imperfect perfection. The unfinished circle represents the development and continuation of a moment. This Japanese inspired aesthetic truly speaks to what we believe and strive to become the best clinic in our community

We aspire to create a positive change in the world, where we learn to lead a healthy & pain free lifestyle so that you can enjoy life with greater longevity with a good quality of life. 

Unity Wellness understands that health is the optimal state between your physical, mental and spiritual whilst being in harmony with the environment. 

Our mission is to combine teaching healthy habits, nutrition and daily lifestyle while offering the support and community for lifelong improvements and change.

About us

Our team work to deliver services including osteopathy and massage as well as rehabilitation coaching, strengthening & fitness training, and small tailored exercise classes both online and in our Colchester base.

Our focus is to deliver preventative treatment and active recovery to help your body keep up with your life. Whatever your age, motivation, health condition or goal we help you find lifestyle habits and treatments that can positively change your health and well-being.

Our aim is to understand you, listen to your story and teach you how you and your body react to the decisions you make about your health and how ultimately, you can control them.

Unity Wellness provides an exclusive space and sanctuary from today’s busy world. Learn to breathe, stretch, balance, improve muscle strength, reduce stress, manage your sleep and prevent your pain via improving habits and treatments that fit seamlessly into your life.

Whether you are a busy professional, proactive parent, weekend warrior or just a little lost with your health and fitness, we are a place to come, reset and grow. Our team will take you through a journey to rehabilitate, regenerate and relax

Our Therapists

We strive to help people LIVE a life of freedom without pain, with an unstoppable mindset and stronger bodies both inside and out.

Jessica Roberts

Clinic Owner, Osteopath, Sports Massage Therapist

As an Osteopath and Personal Trainer with a background in bio-mechanics, strength & conditioning and exercise rehabilitation. I adopt a holistic view of the body.

Teaching and education are a big part of my coaching philosophy. My goal is to remove the guesswork and empower you with the skills and knowledge required to optimise your health and performance long term.

The goal to graduate each and every one of you so that you learn how to function at your full potential long term and understand exactly what best suits you in regards to movement, nutrition and recovery. My aim is to educate you, teaching you to help yourself to feel better, move better and ultimately live happier.

Osteopath Registered

Kristen O’Connell

Sports Massage Therapist, Student Osteopath

I trained to become a Sports Massage Therapist because I want to help people be their best selves.

I have not come from a background of Health & Fitness but found my passion for it and made a career change 6 years ago. I trained as a Personal Trainer because I felt that I could help people achieve their fitness goals but I knew there was more that I could do. Last year I began studying as an Osteopath as I felt I could help people not only achieve their fitness goals but also feel empowered to live full healthy lives and that is the same reason I trained as a Massage Therapist.  

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I’ve been treated by Jess and Kristen now for different issues (rotator cuff and sciatic nerve) and both ladies are brilliant. Both are incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and professional from start to finish. I came away feeling better and with a list of exercises to continue my rehabilitation. All Covid safe too.

Give them a look for any aches and pains”