Dive deep to improve performance, recovery and reduce pain, looking at the entire story not just your shoulder pain.

Our 1-1 Rehabilitation coaching offers you a completely personalised and structured coaching service based around your movement patterns and goals. It is perfect for anyone looking to recover from an injury, not make an injury worse or just want a more structured and focussed training to follow and for those who want to stop using your aches and pains control your progress or dictate what you can’t do.

If you want more support and you’re striving for that long term change, this is for you. Our Osteopath, Jessica can help you with a personalised programme focussed on rehabilitating your old injuries, improving your movement patterns and providing you the tools to help manage your symptoms and maintain a strong foundation for life. 

Let us guide you through all your rehab, prehab and strengthening needs.

Jessica has a passion for exercise rehabilitation and teaching you the ways in which you can improve your movements to get the most out of your training and ultimately reduce your pains. 

Maybe you need help with a particular movement? Your squat, bench or deadlift? This is Jessica’s speciality, as a competitive powerlifter, she can teach you the ways to get the most out of your workouts and optimise your technique. 

Contact us now to get to the root of why you are in pain and let’s work together to get you moving pain free

Meet Jess – Your Coach

She is an Osteopath and Strength Coach with a background in bio-mechanics, strength & conditioning and exercise rehabilitation. 

Jess is a competitive powerlifter and has helped hundreds of athletes optimise their training through correcting their movement patterns, muscle imbalances and stability interventions.

She will help to discovery why you are struggling with your training, in pain or not making PRs so that you can build upon that and learn how to correct it into your training and daily life.

Understanding the “why” will guide you to the “how”.

Whether it be for a few sessions, a one off or we can work together more intensively 1-1 online, we are here for you.

What to expect?

To start working together, a full consultation is required prior to discussing how we move forward to determine the right plan of action for you.

At the consultation, we will get to know each other, discuss your medical history, do some assessments and sometimes this with a few tweaks is all we need.

Then if needed, we will book a session on the gym floor in Iceni Training to get started.

Not sure? Here’s some success stories from 1-1s with Jess

Getting pain in their shoulder when bench pressing – 1 session shoulder pain stopped

Knee pain with squatting – 1 session, no further knee pain and got a PB in their next training session

Back pain with deadlifting – 1 session and got a PB

Whether you use this as Squat, Bench or Deadlift 101 or to discover new ways to structure your training to optimise your results in the gym – we can personalise this for you.

Prices for 1-1 with Jess

Consultation – £50

Follow up 1-1 in the Gym – £45

I’m not waking up with pain anymore.